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Indo-Canadian Sikh convicted for bank robbery


Toronto : An Indo-Canadian Sikh has been convicted on two counts of bank robbery.

A Surrey court Friday convicted the 44-year-old Amrit Singh Rai on two counts of robbery in 2006.

Rai was described in court as a once-prominent member of the Sikh community who had fallen prey to drug addiction.

While many witnesses had trouble-identifying Rai as the robber, there was more than enough evidence to prove him guilty, the judge declared.

"The most devastating piece of evidence against Rai was the abandoned hold-up note which had his fingerprints on it," the judge said.

Gill had fled with $700 in cash after showing a gun and screaming at the cashier, the Leader reported.

The court has ordered a psychiatric assessment before Rai is sentenced on July 24.

For some time during the 80's Rai was involved in the fundamentalist Khalistan movement for creation of a separate Sikh state.