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Updated Google Earth exposes Israeli military sites


Jerusalem : Google Earth’s upgraded archive of satellite pictures exposes key Israeli military and security sites, the Israeli Yediot Ahronot daily reported Friday, warning it made them easy potential targets for terrorists.

Google upgraded its satellite images of Israel, almost doubling their resolution, in the past days, Yediot said, adding the new images consist of one pixel per two square metres, compared to previous ones which consisted of one pixel representing only 10-20 square metres on earth.

Among the highly sensitive sites visible in detail are the Israel Defence Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv, key Israel Air Force bases and Israel’s controversial, classified nuclear reactor in the southern desert city of Dimona.

Users have also identified another site as the alleged headquarters of the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency, whose location is secret.

The upgraded Website was an “asset” to enemy states and a “treasure” to terrorists, the daily said.