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`Thank you, Kashmiri Muslims, for support’

By News Agency of Kashmir

Jammu : A noted political and social activist Dr Roop Lal Sharma has thanked Kashmiri Muslims for their whole hearted support to Kashmiri Pandits living in valley to celebrate the Dusshera after two decades.

In a statement released here Dr Sharma said that politicians should refrain from politicizing the occasion saying this was the reflection of the age old tradition of Kashmiryat which saw the revival of the occasion after 20 years.

Dr Roop Lal Sharma said that instead of trying to derive the political mileage by connecting the occasion with the return of normalcy every body should compliment Kashmiri Muslims for making this occasion a reality.

He said that this depicted the close affinity of Muslims with their Pandit brethrens of the valley adding the recent support of reopening of various shrines in Kashmir could not have been possible without the whole hearted support of the local Muslim population.

He however, said that such gestures would send a right signal to Kashmiri Pandits who are willing to return to their home on the invitation from their Muslim brethrens.

He further agreed with the president of Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Committee, Sanjay Tikkoo that such occasions were purely religious and should not be confused with the return of normalcy in Kashmir.

He said that since past some time the close affinity between Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits has been revived due to the efforts of the selfless leaders of both communities. Adding further; he said that Muslim brethrens should come forward to celebrate more such occasions in future so that the real Kashmiryat is highlighted before the World.