BJP accuses Cong-led UPA Govt. of embarking on dangerous path of sowing seeds of communal divisions

‘Sachchar panel formed as part of Congress’ blatant vote bank politics’

By Pervez Bari,

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Bhopal : The rightist Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP), today accused the Central Congress-led UPA Government of embarking on a dangerous path of sowing the seeds of communal divisions that can seriously impact India’s social fabric and even its unity and integrity.

BJP president Rajnath Singh in his presidential speech at the National Executive meeting which started here today said: “As part of its blatant vote bank politics, the Sachchar Committee formed by the UPA Government has suggested many unwise recommendations. However, the federal government has decided to implement them both in letter and spirit.

Singh questioned the Union government’s stand of the first right of any community on national resources, the communal segmentation of the army, prioritization of loaning facilities in the banks for a particular community and now a communal approach to security and policing. Are these being undertaken to protect the secular structure of India? Will it strengthen India’s current constitutional framework? Will it promote communal harmony or hatred?

“On behalf of the party, I want to raise these questions before the people. Let the people of the country think about this and give an appropriate reply to the government”, Singh said while inaugurating the National Executive Committee meeting of the party

Singh charged the ruling Congress led UPA of displaying ‘lack of understanding of coalition dharma’. He asserted that the BJP-led NDA coalition was the ‘lone alternative’ available before the people of India.

He said display of lack of understanding of the coalition dharma by the UPA and its allies, especially for the last three months, had cast doubts about the coalition’s majority in the Parliament especially after Congress-Left parties open fight on the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Meanwhile, Rajnath Singh demanded immediate dismissal of all DMK ministers in the Centre if it fails to persuade Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to withdraw his “ugly and blasphemous” remarks on Lord Ram.

“MK is part of the UPA-led coalition and it is the duty of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi to persuade Karunanidhi to withdraw the derogatory, offensive and blasphemous remarks on Lord Ram,” he said from his prepared speech.

He said if Karunanidhi did not withdraw his remarks, all DMK ministers should be dismissed forthwith.

Singh speaking about the Ram Setu issue said that not even Aurangzeb or “Angrez” (Britishers) ever questioned the existence of Ram. Karunanidhi’s statement on Lord Ram was “ugly and deserves to be condemned in the strongest language possible”,

The excerpts of Rajnath’s prepared speech the Ram Setu issue said:” Be it India ’s international image or the country’s cultural identity, nothing is secure in the UPA’s tenure. Hindu centers of reverence are being constantly damaged after the UPA Left Front coalition government has come to power. Over the last few days, this reached the extreme when the Archaeological Survey of India, in an affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court on the Ram Setu issue, stated that there is no proof that Lord Ram and all the other characters of the Ramayana ever existed. The BJP’s effective agitation forced the government to withdraw the affidavit and seek three months extension. However, the affidavit has established the government’s anti-Hindu mindset.

On the questions of scientific and historical fact, I would like to ask the government whether it has undertaken any scientific effort to establish the historical reality of all those places in the country that are associated with the Ramayana? If not, then on what basis did it submit such a colossal statement? Subjects related to people’s faith should not be linked with science and historical reality. Otherwise this will result in opening a pandora’s box where the key elements of various religions will be interfered with and this will lead to serious communal tension.

We believe that Ram is integrally enmeshed in each and every grain of India ’s physical, emotional and social fabric and he eternally inspires our people. If Ram did not exist, then I would like to ask the Congress Party which is running the central government, was Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of Ram Rajya a delusion based on a hollow foundation? The self styled successors of Mahatma Gandhi may not have any respect for the common Hindu beliefs, but they should at the very least respect the Ram inscribed on Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial. By disrespecting Lord Ram, the Congress Party has taken vote bank politics to its lowest point. The Prime Minister should publicly apologize for the unpardonable crime of politically playing with people’s beliefs.

My demand for an apology is not for political reasons but is based on our reverence towards India ’s eternal beliefs since not even the foreign rulers of the country under colonial rule had the courage to reject the existence of Lord Ram. Then why has this happening under this Congress led government? What are the reasons behind this, which power is guiding all this, and why is this power seeking to challenge the core foundations of India’s eternal beliefs? The people of the country want an answer to these questions.

Ram Setu is not a mere structure made from rocks and stones that can be debated as to whether it is man-made or natural. On the contrary, Ram Setu is a bridge of India’s eternal values, a bridge that symbolizes the foundations of Dharma through the obliteration of demonic tendencies. Not only from a religious or cultural point of view, from the perspective of scientific, strategic, prevention of tsunamis and nuclear energy, the destruction of Ram Setu will be detrimental for India . The BJP will oppose this at every level”, Singh stated.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who could not take part in the national executive committee meeting due to health reasons, has expressed his feelings in the form of a poem as under: “Ahuti baki, Yagya adhura Apne ke vighno ne ghera Antim jay ka vajra banane Nav dadhichi haddiyan galayen Aur phir se ‘diya’ jalaen”.

Vajpayee had also written a letter, which was read out by BJP President Rajnath Singh after the meeting started.

In his letter, Vajpayee regretted for not being able to take part in the meeting. He said his will power gave way in view of advise by doctors.

Pointing out that the national executive meeting was taking place during transitional period, he said an atmosphere of political instability and uncertainty was prevailing in the Center.

Meanwhile, debate on the draft of political resolutions was underway late tonight. BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar said the political resolutions would be released tomorrow after incorporating the suggestions made at the meeting. ([email protected])