18 Palestinians, 3 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza violence

By Xinhua,

Gaza : Eighteen Palestinians and three Israeli soldiers were killed on Wednesday in a daylong of mutual Israeli and Palestinian attacks in several Gaza Strip areas, Israeli and Palestinian sources said.

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A local cameraman who works for Reuters Television was killed on Wednesday afternoon in an Israeli airstrike on his car in central Gaza Strip, Palestinian witnesses and medics reported.

Witnesses said that an Israeli artillery shell hit the gray Hyundai jeep of Faddel Ouda Shana’a, with press signs on it, in the neighborhood of Johr el-Deik east of al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip.

Medics at al-Aqsa Hospital in central Gaza Strip said that Shana ‘a was killed in the shelling and his body was brought to the hospital.

Meanwhile, 12 Palestinians were killed and 20 wounded on Wednesday afternoon in Israeli strike on the neighborhood of Johrel-Deik east of al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, medics said.

Mo’aweya Hassanein, chief of emergency and ambulance services in the Palestinian health ministry told reporters that 12Palestinians were killed and 20 others wounded in an Israeli tanks shelling on al-Bureij refugee camp.

Palestinian residents said that an Israeli helicopter fired at least four air-to-ground missiles at a mosque and two neighboring houses in Johr el-Deik neighborhood east of al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Wednesday, several Israeli army tanks, armored vehicles and bulldozers stormed the area. Palestinian militants and Israeli soldiers have been exchanging fire in the area.

Witnesses at al-Aqsa Hospital in central Gaza Strip said that the bodies turned into pieces of flesh, adding that the bodies remains were collected and put into plastic bags.

Hassanein said that among the 12 people that were killed, there are women and children, adding that twenty more people were injured, five of them are in critical conditions.

Earlier Wednesday, a Palestinian militant was killed and five were injured in two separate Israeli airstrike on northern Gaza Strip. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) said that he is one of its militants.

On Wednesday morning, four Islamic Hamas militants and three Israeli soldiers were killed during an ongoing Israeli ground operations into the area between eastern Gaza Strip and Israel.