J&K Govt not stopping people from praying at Jama Masjid: Bleoria

By News Agency of Kashmir,

Srinagar : The Advisor to Governor, Dr. S. S. Bleoria has expressed dismay over the attempts by some elements to falsely accuse the Government of imposing restrictions on people to offer prayers in the Jama Masjid here, saying that while the Government was used to baseless accusations it was painful to level such a motivated charge on a religious matter.

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Talking with media persons here this afternoon, Dr. Bloeria said that some media reports suggesting restrictions by Government on prayers in the Grand Mosque were far from the truth. The fact, he said, was that the devotees were being stopped from offering prayers in the Jama Masjid not by the Government but by some vested interests whom he did not want to name. However, he added, that they were known to people.

Dr. Bleoria said that yesterday the Friday prayers were offered in mosques and shrines across the Valley as usual. However, he said, some people with vested interests did not allow devotees to offer prayers in Jama Masjid even when the call for the prayer had been given and several people had gathered in the mosque to say namaz. He said the Government could not be even remotely held responsible for this. He regretted that some people were inciting religious sentiments for their vested interests.

In reply to a question, the Advisor said that the Government has to take some measures if it feared breach of peace anywhere. He said it was the foremost duty of the Government to protect human life and property and in anticipation of the law and order situation some restriction was imposed on the movement of people. However, he said the restrictions were imposed only where breach of peace was apprehended. He said the restrictions vary from place to place on the basis of the situation.

Earlier, the Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Mr. Masaud Samoon said that some elements were deliberately misleading people by leveling false accusations against the Government. He gave full account of how the muezzin (caller of prayers) gave a call for the Friday prayers at Jama Masjid yesterday and people gathered there to offer prayers and how some vested interests appeared on the scene and prevented the devotees from offering the namaz. He said the misunderstanding sought to be created in the public mind need to be cleared.