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Pilgrims reach Mina this morning


Mina : SPA’s mission in the Hoy Places has spotted the presence of a great number of delegates of Arab, Islamic and international information media organs, who have been very active in covering comprehensively this year’s Hajj and the performance of its various rituals.

It also witnessed the smooth and easy movements of pilgrims despite their huge numbers and also the number of a large number of vehicles.

Thanks to Allah Almighty and thanks to the spacious roads and the modern transport means as well as the qualified traffic personnel, the traffic plan turned out to be a successful one.

On their part, the Scout cadets are working day and night to organize the traffic movement and to guide the pilgrims and to ensure their safety.

The helicopters were over-flying to follow up the movement of the pilgrims.

All required services including fresh water and enough quantities of foodstuffs are readily available to the pilgrims.

The centers of the civil defense are spread along the roads and are located at the Holy Places.