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Russia, China for New Treaty to Ban Arms in Space

By Prensa Latina

Geneva : Russia and China proposed a new treaty to ban space militarization, during a Conference on Disarmament in the Swiss capital.

Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov informed on the joint proposal, which prohibits the use of force or threats to use it against space objects.

If the arms race in space is not avoided, international security will be in danger, the Russian minister affirmed, and recalled that preventing the coming of arms to space is a task of the conference.

The Russian-Chinese initiative, rejected by the US, follows the US government’s announcement of the space strategy, which includes the use of force to assure US control over sidereal space.

Lavrov also expressed Russia’s concern over the Pentagon plans to install components of its anti-missile shield in Europe, with the setting up of interceptor missiles in Poland, and a radar in the Czech Republic.

In the meantime, Russian Vice President Serguei Ivanov called to find a common language to avoid taking arms to space, during the Conference on Security last week in the German city of Munich.