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Russian Senate Revokes Agreement with Ukraine

By Prensa Latina

Moscow : The Russian Council of the Federation (Senate) revoked an intergovernmental agreement with Ukraine on the shared use of antimissile defense systems and control of outer space, signed in 1997.

Due to the situation caused by the radar stations in Mukachevo and Sebastopol, Russia decided to relinquish those facilities and derogate the pertinent agreement, explained the president of the committee for affairs of Commonwealth of Independent State, Vadim Gustov.

The agreement with Kiev established the principles to use warning means and systems deployed on Ukrainian territory, as well as similar centers in Russia.

It also defined the regimen to run the facilities in Mukachevo and Sebastopol, as well as their maintenance, financing and modernization.

The technical capacity of those facilities became obsolete in 2005, so their contribution to solve immediate tasks was minimal. At the same time, Ukraine practically stopped complying with the agreement, Gustov said.

He admitted that Russia fostered the use and development of the preventive systems on its territory.

Moscow has radar bases in Murmansk, Pechora and Irkutsk, in addition to the new stations in Armavir (south) and Lejtusi, in the province of Leningrad.