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US Air Threats Sabotage Korea Talks

By Prensa Latina

Pyongyang : The Democratic Republic of Korea complained Wednesday that the US continues boosting its air presence in the zone, in an escalation of hostility against the north of the peninsula.

North Korea’s KCNA news agency quoted a military source as saying that on January 28, US F-15 and F-16 fighters were deployed in South Korean territory and on January 15, formations of AV-8 Harrier light attack aircraft, capable of vertical takeoff and landing, were positioned.

At the same time, the US air force deployed hundreds of soldiers, as well as a South Carolina-based F-16 wing in Kunsan Base.

The source added that F/A-18 based abroad carry out periodic exercises over Jik Island, in the Korean western sea, and in Thaebaek zone, in Kangwon province.

Those deployments are not a simple relocation of force, but an escalation of actions to invade North Korea, the agency warned.

In another dispatch, KCNA denounced that this month the US has made 90 air espionage missions against North Korea, with South Korean forces carrying out 70 operations.

According to the agency, everything indicates that references to dialogue and negotiations between the US and North Korea are a smokescreen to conceal the US aggressive policy against Pyongyang.