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Australian architect to perform Odissi in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur : Nidhya Sakathevan, an Australia-based architect, is to stage an Odissi dance performance in Malaysia Saturday .

Kuala Lumpur-born Nidhya, 27, the New Straits Times said, initially learnt Bharatanatyam from her mother, Amritha Devi of the Amrithanjali Dance Academy.

Odissi originates from India’s Orissa state and Bharatanatyam from Tamil Nadu. They are popular in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries because of the cultural affinity.

Nidhya was trained in Odissi by Perlis-born Guru Chandrabhanu, who has opened a school in Melbourne.

Nidhya, who graduated with an architecture degree from Melbourne University in 2005, also learnt carnatic music and the violin.

Come Saturday, she will perform a complete Odissi programme.

“There are seven to eight dances in the programme, unlike three to four in most Odissi showcases,” Chandrabhanu said.

He said the major dances in the programme included the Pallavi, which was elaborate and challenging; the Dashavatar, which re-enacted the 10 reincarnations of Krishna; the Oriya Abhinaya, which was accompanied by Oriya music; the sensuous Geeta Govinda Ashtapadi, which celebrates the love of Krishna and Radha; and the Panchakshara Stotram, which honours the five activities of Shiva.