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ISAF Air Raid Kills 30 Afghans

By Prensa Latina,

Kabul : An International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) air raid killed at least 30 Afghan civilians in Katgal and Nishgram in Nuristan province, official sources denounced Wednesday.

According to Nuristan’s vice governor Abdul Malim and the police chief Ayatolah Jalil, the farmers died during a Monday bombing by the NATO air force command in the Pakistani border area.

Both government officials agreed that those air raids took place in those two settlements in Wanat-Waigal, where Afghan rebels attacked and destroyed a US military base last Sunday.

In that action the rebels killed at least nine US soldiers and wounded 15.

However, according to a release spread in Kabul the ISAF denied the accusation and pointed out that those bombings took place at about 26 miles from the settlements in the Afghan eastern territory.

In its military bulletin the ISAF announced that its troops left Wannat district, took the heavy armament and demanded reinforcement from the neighboring cities for their withdrawal.

Over 2,500 people, over 1,000 civilians, have been killed in fighting in this Central Asian country since last January.