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Middle East must be contributor to world stability – Jordanian King

By NNN-Petra,

Oxford : Jordan’s King Abdullah II has underlined the importance of making the Middle East a contributor to world stability, rather than a source of radiating crisis.

King Abdullah said, in a speech at Oxford University Wednesday, which goes back to the 18th Century, that the first step towards achieving this starts by achieving peace, and the establishment of an independent state for the Palestinians.

“June 4, 1967, marks the last day a Palestinian lived free of occupation.

“The next day, June 5, began 41 years of whiplashing violence, invasive settlements, a crippled economy, and harsh and multiplying restrictions on life,” said King Abdullah, adding that, for Israel, it has been 41 years of incessant conflict.

Sixty years after its founding, it is still not recognised by 57 countries representing one-third of the members of the United Nations, with a total population greater than Europe and the United States combined.

“While the conflict continues, people on both sides lose. It is time to help people win,” he said.

“For Palestinians, justice and a future, in an independent, sovereign and viable state. For Israelis, recognition and security — a security that isolation, behind walls and military forces — can never bring,” King Abdullah reiterated.

His Majesty said that people are seeing that peaceful engagement, not hostility, is the way to a better future, through enhancing coexistence and cooperation.

Europe, especially the United Kingdom, the King reiterated, can make a critical contribution
as honest brokers in negotiations, as sources of security support and as investors in the Palestinian economy.

“Your efforts will send a global message to young people, young Muslims especially, that the international community can and will deliver on its promise of justice and hope.”

The King addressed the audience by asking them, “If we refuse to accept the walls that others would create, imagine what we can achieve. What new thinkers will emerge? What new art and inventions? What new breakthroughs will enlighten our understanding?”