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US air raid Kills 3 Iraqi civilians

By Prensa Latina

Baghdad : A US helicopter opened fire at a group of Iraqi civilians in Dur locality, in the northern province of Salahedin, killing at least three of them, reported police sources.

The US Central Command in the Arab country has made no comments on the air strike, which according to eyewitnesses was staged on Monday night.

Meanwhile, official sources reported that at least eight US soldiers have died in Iraq in the last 24 hours, turning Monday the most deadly day for those occupation troops so far this year.

On Monday, three American soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter died in a mine explosion in Diyala province, where the resistance has intensified attacks in the last few days.

The US military did not provide further information on the incident, but confirmed that another soldier was wounded in the blast and taken to an army hospital.

Another five US soldiers died in Baghdad when a suicide bomber detonated explosives attached to its body as a military patrol was passing by, reported the US Central Command in the Arab country.

With the recent deaths, Washington has lost ten soldiers and 18 others have been wounded in Iraq so far this month.

According to Pentagon sources, 3,983 American troops have died since the beginning of the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003.