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Protesting Tibetans arrested in Delhi


New Delhi : A group of Tibetan activists tried to hold a candlelight rally in front of the Chinese embassy here Friday evening to protest Beijing’s crackdown on demonstrating monks in Lhasa, but were whisked away by the police.

The Tibetans activists numbering around 70, residents of Majnu Ka Tilla and others part of north Delhi, arrived at Chanakyapuri’s diplomatic area at around 7.45 p.m. with their faces smeared with white paint.

A large posse of policemen prevented their “peace march” from the American embassy to the Chinese embassy.

The activists, holding flags, placards, banners and spray paints chanted anti-Beijing slogans and sought a clarification from the Chinese government on the alleged brutalities on their people in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, as well as the Indian government for “manhandling” Tibetan refugees in Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.

“The Tibetan community is upset with the Chinese government’s action on monks in Lhasa and also the Indian police for manhandling our people in Himachal Pradesh. We have come to register our protest,” said an activist.

When police asked the protestors to disperse, the protest took an ugly turn when both parties started pushing each other.

The protestors also tried to halt vehicular movement in the area, but were taken away to the nearest police station.

Police later arrested them.

“We have arrested the Tibetans for holding an illegal demonstration and causing damage to public property,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) Anand Mohan told IANS.

Mohan said they had arrested around 40 Tibetans.

On Friday, violence erupted in Lhasa as the Chinese government deployed paramilitary riot police to control protests initiated by Buddhist monks, witnesses said.

The protestors beat at least three firefighters and several police officers and tore down a Chinese national flag in the square outside Lhasa’s Jokhang temple, the holiest site in the city for Tibetan Buddhists, a witness said.

The protests began Monday, the 49th anniversary of a Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule that was crushed by troops.

On Wednesday, police in Delhi had arrested a group of nearly 36 women activists after they tried to storm the Chinese embassy.