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Sabeel Ahmed to leave for India Wednesday


London : Indian doctor Sabeel Ahmed, brother of the suicide bomber who rammed his flaming jeep into the gates of Glasgow airport last year, will leave for India Wednesday in a voluntary move, his solicitors said Tuesday.

Bangalore-born Ahmed was ordered removed from Britain in April after admitting he failed to inform police about an email he received from his brother Kafeel about his mission – although he opened the email only after the June 30 attack.

Ahmed was sent to Belmarsh prison last year.

“Sabeel is leaving voluntarily. In any case, his visa had expired while he was in Belmarsh. He is happy to leave the country,” his lawyer Charlotte Parker told IANS.

A spokeswoman for the Indian High Commission said Ahmed was being removed, not deported.

A judge declared in April that Sabeel Ahmed was not an extremist.

“I accept there is no sign of you being an extremist or party to extremist views,” Justice David Calvert-Smith said while sentencing him for his role. He was ordered removed because he had already served time in prison.

In a 520-word letter sent to Sabeel two hours before his abortive Glasgow mission, Kafeel said, “I am sorry for putting you in this situation. But it’s about time that we give up our lives and families for the sake of Islam to please Allah. And you will inshallah get the reward for this. [If] they can’t figure out who it was, then keep me alive for as long as possible.”