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Terrorism result of Congress misrule: BJP


New Delhi : Former Bharatiya Janata Party president M. Venkaiah Naidu Thursday said “terrorism and separatism were the twin products of Congress misrule.”

He told reporters here that this attitude would not only hurt the country’s interests but also the Congress in the long term. Naidu ridiculed the Congress for, what he termed, its double standards in handling terrorism cases.

The BJP leader said there had been no headway in the bombings in Mumbai’s suburban trains which claimed 207 lives while the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) is showing extraordinary interest in the Malegaon blasts that left seven people dead.

“The Congress is using the ATS for political gains during the elections and the party’s governments have had a history of misusing government machinery,” he said.

“They had tried to frame L.K. Advani in the 1999 hawala scam and there many such instances.”