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Climate change worries young Russians less than other teens

By RIA Novosti,

Moscow : Young Russians are less concerned than their counterparts in other countries about climate change, according to a new United Nations survey.

The survey of 12-18 year olds in Russia, Brazil, India, the United States and South Africa was released by the United Nations Environment Program on Friday.

Four hundred young people were surveyed in each country, and 85% said they were “very” or “somewhat concerned” about climate change. Concern was highest in Brazil, with 96% of respondents reporting concern, and lowest in Russia, where the figure was 70%.

The United States had the next lowest level of concern, at 82%.

However, even in Russia young people think world leaders should do “whatever it takes” to combat climate change. Overall, 88% of respondents wanted countries to do their utmost, ranging from 95% of Brazilians to 85% of Russians and Indians.

Teenagers in India and Russia are more encouraged by leaders’ responses, with 77% of Indians and 40% of Russians saying enough or too much is being done. Just 12% of South Africans, 18% of Americans and 22% of Brazilians agreed.

The survey was conducted online earlier this month, and although the margin of error cannot be assessed, the press release said it was “representative of the online community of youth.”