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Booker winner Arvind Adiga sacks his literary agent


London : This year’s Booker Prize winner, Indian author Arvind Adiga, has severed his ties with his literary agent without any explanation.

Adiga wrote to Jay Mandel, a senior executive of the agency, William Morris Agency, saying they would no longer represent him.

Mandel did not comment, but Cathryn Summerhayes, who handled Adiga’s book on behalf of the agency said it amounted to a “sack”.

She was quoted by the Sunday Telegraph: “No reason was given why. He just sent a letter to the US office to say that we would no longer be representing him, but that we would still look after the book rights. I don’t think you will find, however, any publisher who said we didn’t do a great job on the book and no one had a bad word to say about us.”

It was Summerhayes who took Adiga’s book “The White Tiger” to eight publishers and finally brokered a deal with Atlantic Books. The publisher is said to have paid a record sum to the Indian author to get the publishing rights.

Adiga was unavailable for comments on his decision. There is no information on who will now represent him.