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Baby crocodile causes panic, seized at Abu Dhabi airport


Abu Dhabi: A baby crocodile was seized from an Egypt Air flight after its cabin crew alerted the airport officials when the plane landed here, WAM news agency reported Saturday.

The flight was from Cairo to the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) capital.

Colonel Khamis Al-Marar, chairman of Abu Dhabi International Airport Security Board, said the cabin crew of the flight 916 informed the authorities about the reptile prior to its landing.

The officials conducted a full search of the plane for any other reptiles that could threaten the passengers’ safety after it landed at the airport early Saturday, he said.

All the passengers on board the plane were questioned to determine the owner of the reptile that measured 20 centimeters long.

The pilot of the plane insisted on handing over the reptile to the Cairo Airport officials for launching an investigation into the incident there, Al-Marar said.

He said it is impossible to pass through the security checks unnoticed at the Abu Dhabi Airport.