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Change in charge of terror case from ATS triggers new problems in Kerala

By TwoCircles.net Staff Correspondent,

Kochi: The change in charge of terror case from the Anti-Terrorism Squad to police IG has brought up new allegations against the government. The opposition UDF and the BJP reportedly allege that the change of charge was meant to help the terrorists. IG Tomin J Thachankari was sent to Bengaluru to question Thadiyantavide Naseer, the suspected Lashkar e Toiba activist caught from Bangladesh. Sending Thachankari instead of the ATS head DIG TK Vinod Kumar has created suspicions.

The UDF last day questioned the government decision and demanded an explanation. Thachankari, who sides with the CPI (M), was sent to question Naseer deliberately to help the real culprits, accused PP Thankachan, UDF convenor in a press conference. He was sent so that Naseer’s connection with the People’s Democratic Party and the case of setting fire to the Tamil Nadu RTC bus won’t come out. If not, the government should have deputed sincere police officers for that, he said.

He said that Naseer, who had been arrested by the state police months ago, was released at the phone call of a powerful person. However, he did not reveal the name of the ‘powerful person’. He threatened to reveal more facts if the government denied the allegation. He added that the blasts in Bengaluru would not have happened, had Naseer not been released. All the conspiracy for the Bengaluru blasts was done in Kerala. So the state government cannot wash its hands off the responsibility of the blasts. He added that the move of the state government to help the accused was an unforgivable crime.

The BJP also accused that the government was trying to help the terrorists by removing the ATS from the charge of the terror case. Deputing Tomin J Thachankari instead of the ATS in the terror case was in the interest of the Marxist party (CPI – M) and to help the real culprits, accused BJP state general secretary MT Ramesh.

In another development, Thandiyantavide Naseer has reportedly informed the police that the Pakistan-based Lashkar e Toiba had strong roots in Kerala. These are the details that the police have reportedly managed to get from questioning Naseer and Shafas: The head of the LeT in India hailed from the Ernakulam district Kerala. He reportedly financed the terrorist activities. The group recruited people for terrorist activities in the name of the Noorisha Thareeqath based in Hyderabad. They organised prayer meetings in several places for the same. Young men have been recruited from different parts of Kerala and Karnataka. The police are also reportedly investigating on the links of Naseer with late Imam Ali who was a leader of the banned Al Umma in Tamil Nadu.

Thadiyantavide Naseer and Shafas, his relative, were arrested in Bangladesh reportedly on November 6. They were then handed over to India and their arrests registered in the Meghalaya border. The two men were brought to Bengaluru on Friday night. Naseer is one of the prime accused in the blasts in Bengaluru and the twin blasts in Calicut. He is also accused in the case of attempt to murder former Chief Minister of Kerala EK Nayanar and some other murder cases. He is also the third accused in the controversial Kerala-Kashmir terror case in which young men from Kerala were taken to Kashmir for terrorist activities. Shafas is supposed to have helped Naseer in his deeds. Both have been found absconding when the Kerala police tried to find them. The arrest of the two men is expected to give new light into the bomb blasts that rocked south India as well as the menace of terrorism.