Take criminal action against those who demolished the Babri Masjid: INL

By TwoCircles.net Staff Correspondent,

Kochi: The central government should get ready to take criminal action against those who demolished the Babri Masjid, said Siraj Ibrahim Sait, national general secretary of the Indian National League. He pointed out that those who lost their dependents in the riots that accompanied the demolition of the masjid have not yet received any compensation money. He was speaking at a press conference in Calicut.

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Those whose properties were destroyed also have not received any compensation. Most of the miseries were suffered by those who lived near and around Faisabad. The centre should take immediate measures to regain the confidence of the minorities. The references about the failure in duty by the then Congress President PV Narasimha Rao have been removed from the report and it has no justification. The National Integration Committee had asked Rao to take measures that include the imposition of President’s rule in UP by dismissing the government of Kalyan Singh. The result was a sinful silence. The INL would submit a memorandum of its demands to the Prime Minister. The party would also organise protest marches and dharna at the district headquarters in the state on December 10, the Human Rights Day.

INL state general secretary Adv PMA Salam (MLA) and vice-president Dr NVA Majeed were also present at the press conference.