Home International Clinton: Iran could face “consequences” if didn”t comply with int”l obligations

Clinton: Iran could face “consequences” if didn”t comply with int”l obligations


WASHINGTON : US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton affirmed on Tuesday that President Barack Obama signaled readiness for direct diplomacy with Iran but Tehran could face “consequences” if it did not comply with international obligations regarding its nuclear program.

“President Obama has signaled his intention to support tough and direct diplomacy with Iran, but if Tehran does not comply with United Nations Security Council and IAEA mandates, there must be consequences”, said Clinton after her meeting with German Vice Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

“We also discussed the situation in the Middle East and the importance of coordination between our countries to ensure that the ceasefire that is being worked toward in Gaza is sustainable”, she added.

“Germany is one of our closest allies, and we greatly value opportunities like today to discuss the issues that affect our nations and the international community as a whole”, said Clinton.

She noted that Obama made it clear that the United States needs Germany to help “ensure the success and stability of the Afghanistan nation at this very important moment”.

US Special Representative Ambassador Richard Holbrooke will head to Southeast Asia next week as the Obama Administration is reviewing its policy in Afghanistan to start a surge of US troops in this embattled country. (end) jm.bs KUNA 040027 Feb 09NNNN