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Mob lynches four burglars in Ghaziabad


Ghaziabad : In a case of street justice, four criminals were lynched after residents caught them trying to burgle a house here, the police said Monday.

The four men entered the house of Ramesh Bhardwaj in Balram Nagar locality here Sunday night while the family was away at a marriage in Noida, according to the police.

Bhardwaj’s nephew Amit, 20, noticed that the front door of the house was open and raised an alarm. One of the robbers hit Amit on head with an iron rod.

The residents of the locality gathered on hearing Amit’s shouts for help. Seeing a mob gathering, the criminals went to the building roof and fired at the crowd below. No one was injured in the firing.

Sumit, brother of Amit, said: “We informed the police but they reached the spot after an hour. By then, the mob had reached the roof top and caught the criminals. The mob thrashed the criminals and threw one of them down from the third floor.”

Taking advantage of the darkness two other criminals managed to escape.

The police took the four men to the hospital where doctors declared them “brought dead”.

Station Officer S.P. Singh said: “We recovered a 9mm pistol with three live cartridges in the magazine, and three gold rings from their possession.”