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I am ready, PM told doctors before surgery


New Delhi : The doctors who performed the ‘beating heart’ bypass surgery on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Saturday gave full marks to him for his “active and energetic lifetsyle” that prevented any complications during the procedure.

“The fact that he has been disciplined has been the reason for his active and energetic lifestyle. It is attributable to his disciplined lifestyle that he did not face any complications or heart attack,” K. Srinath Reddy, chairman of the prime minister’s medical panel, told reporters after the 12-hour surgery at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

Asked about the 76-year-old prime minister’s state of mind when admitted to the hospital Friday, Reddy said : “He was very tranquil, calm and composed. He was fully confident of the expertise of the team. He was assured that he was going for the surgery and everything will go right.”

“I am ready,” Manmohan Singh said, according to Reddy, as he was wheeled in the operation theatre.

He said the prime minister has long-standing diabetes, which was also the factor for heart disease. “He is so disciplined. And this has been a factor for his active and energetic lifestyle and even for his political contributions over many years.

“There has been no complications, no heart attack, and he has been attending so many functions. All this is a tribute to his disciplined lifestyle. Despite diabetes he has been active in politics and also withstood the surgery very well,” Reddy added.

Manmohan Singh had an angiography at the AIIMS Wednesday. Discharged Thursday, he was re-admitted there Friday after he felt uneasy.

Tests over two days revealed that Manmohan Singh, who became prime minister in May 2004 heading a Congress-led government, had multiple arterial blockages and needed to undergo the “coronary artery bypass graft surgery”.

The prime minister had a heart bypass in Britain in 1990 and an angioplasty in India in 2003. He underwent a prostate surgery in 2007 and a cataract operation last year.