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‘Bihar Government not keen on promoting Urdu Language’

By Najam Gilani, TwoCircles.net,

Patna: Vice Chairman of Urdu Advisory Committee Dr Rizwan Ahmad while talking to TwoCircles.net has hinted that since he is not too pleased with the working of Urdu Advisory Committee therefore he is contemplating resignation.

Elaborating, he said that pressure is mounting on him from every possible corner due to lackluster performance of the committee. H said, “Urdu is the second official language of the state but nothing at all has been done by the government to promote it at war footing level in the length and breadth of the State.”

Expressing his disappointment with the way things are moving in the case of Urdu language in the state, he said; “Urdu got removed from the Intermediate syllabus and when it was taken back the marks was reduced to half –from 50 to 25.The indifference is not limited till here only. Majority of the collages are not ready to accept Urdu as a language and they encourage students to not fill their form for Urdu language.”

Urdu Advisory Committee of which Dr Rizwan Ahmad is the Vice Chairman was formed almost three decades ago for the betterment of the language and in all this years many chairman and deputies have come and gone without government doing anything much for it. It seems the politics of negligence and politics of just the appeasement is in display here in its finest form, because in the last three decades of the existence of Urdu Advisory committee it still doesn’t has clearly defined role and responsibilities, aims and objectives. The appointments and privileges to higher posts are just symbolic in nature because the power (of decision making) which an authoritative post deserves is bereft of any.

The post of Vice Chairman is supposed to be of Cabinet rank Minister but it doesn’t even have office of its own.

The status notification of VC is under consultation with the Ministry of finance.