US pastor says burning of Bible is okay

Tehran, Aug 2, IRNA – An American pastor who is infamous for his extreme anti-Islam views and is attacked because of them both by the US church-goers and media said burning of the Bible and insulting Christian sanctities was okay.

Terry Jones who serves as a pastor in Florida said in a televised interview on Saturday that it was okay for him if the Bible was set ablaze and Christian sanctities were insulted.

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He made the statement in answer to a question by the TV host who asked him about the objectives of his activities against the things held sacred by 1.5 billion Muslims.

Asked what he would do if some people burned the Bible, he answered that it would not be a problem for him: “It is their right to do so.”

The pastor has intensified his anti-Islamic activities in days before the anniversary of 9/11. His remarks have triggered a number of protest demonstrations by Muslims, Christians and Jews in front of his church.

He is an advocate of the idea of “new crusade” introduced by the former US President George W Bush and supports the proposed massacre of Iraqi and Afghan nations within the framework of the ongoing wars there.