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Muslims’ unity against Israeli aggression on Palestinians stressed

Islamabad, Jan 06, IRNA – A senior Pakistani journalist Farhan Bokhari on Wednesday called upon the Muslim community to unite against Israeli aggression on innocent people of Gaza Strip.

Talking to IRNA he urged all the Islamic countries to devise a concrete strategy against Israel.

“The situation in Gaza is aggravating rapidly”, he added.

Bokhari expressing his views said that situation in Gaza has not been improved over a long period of time and there is absolutely no indication of Israel signing to change its hard stance over the issue.

He said unless there is a strong reaction from Muslim countries against the Israeli atrocities in Gaza, Israel will not stop its activities.

“There should be a global pressure on Israel”, he opined.

Slamming the role of the United Nations Farhan Bokhari said that UN has been under the pressure of US.

The journalist demanded the US to give some authority to the United Nations so that it can play its due role.

He was of the view that Muslim Ummah must express unity and determination that is the only way to deter the aggression of Israel and mere statements won’t do any thing.

“Islamic organizations should take a proactive stand to protect the rights of the Palestinians and get effective support of International community against Israeli brutality”, he said.

He maintained that if the West remains silent over the issue then the Muslims around the world will be forced to think that there are dual standards of human rights in the western world.

He said that the struggle of Muslims will continue till the abolition of the discriminatory policies towards Muslims. ‘Muslims of Palestine should be given equal rights’, he said.

Israel, the United States, Canada, and the European Union have frozen all funds to the Palestinian government after the formation of Hamas government after its victory in the 2006 Palestinian legislative election.

Since Israel’s withdrawal and its subsequent blockade, the gross domestic product of the Gaza Strip has been crippled.