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Clinton lauds Indian women leaders


New Delhi: Pitching for women’s empowerment, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Wednesday lauded Indian women leaders for their contribution to the cause of gender equality.

“Your many contributions to the welfare, socio-economic stability, education, and equality of women in India have left an indelible mark,” Clinton wrote in a letter.

The message was read out at a reception hosted by US ambassador Timothy J. Roemer in honour of Women’s Month.

“Indeed, women have made profound contributions in every aspect of Indian society and have helped weave the vibrant tapestry of India’s rich history,” said Clinton.

“The work you do every day inspires millions, and represents the incredible impact women can have when we come together and work for a better future for ourselves, our families, and our countries,” she wrote.

A strong supporter of women’s empowerment, Clinton took up the initiative to launch a dialogue between India and the US on women’s issues during her visit to the country in July last year.