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Athletes leave but 5,000 to be there for closing


New Delhi : With most Commonwealth Games sporting events over, athletes from some countries have begun leaving, thinning the crowds at the Games Village.

But key areas in the huge complex still bustled with activity Wednesday. For many athletes, it was time to enjoy, now that their events had come to a close.

According to Village officials, 875 athletes have already left and nearly 400 more are expected to fly out Wednesday.

“Nearly 300-400 athletes are leaving every day. We expect that by tomorrow afternoon some 600-800 more will leave,” a Village official told IANS.

But the officials are confident that the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium will not present a deserted look Thursday evening during the closing ceremony.

“We expect more than 5,000 athletes (Thursday),” the official added.

Some of the countries whose players have left are Canada, Kenya, Scotland, Australia, Uganda, Trinidad, Bermuda, Isle of Man and New Zealand.