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Media misguiding masses: Alim Naqvi, ex-Editor, Urdu Times

By Mohd Rehan Ansari, TwoCircles.net,

Mumbai: “Agreed principle of Journalism is to bring out the facts before the people but today corporate media houses are hiding the truths, misguiding the people, advocating for their commercial interests and a very dangerous trend is to shy away from the problems of people,” said senior Urdu journalist Alim Naqvi.

He was speaking at a farewell program organized for him on Tuesday by Idarah Adab-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtra, Urdu Markaz and other groups. Naqvi is leaving Mumbai after serving many years as editor of Urdu Times daily.

L to R: Ali M Shamshi, Dr.Abdullah, Dr.Mustafa Panjabi, and Alim Naqwi is speaking

At the program, Alim Naqvi presented his thesis on Journalism and High Moral values. He observed that Journalism today is misguiding the masses instead of presenting the facts. He was extremely critical of latest interference of corporate houses in the business of journalism. He also said that in this corporate culture, time is very important because time translates into money but basic human rights and morale values have no place in the media today. “For these Business Managers the world is the Market and everything can be bought and sold and we all are the part of this wicked system,” averred Naqvi.

“We have lost the sense of guilt” added he. He quoted an ayat of Quran that means, whoever tries to spread vulgarity and obscenity will surely find a place in the hell.

Sarfraz Arzoo, Editor of Hindustan Urdu daily speaking

Sarfraz Arzoo, editor, Hindustan, the oldest Urdu daily in Mumbai, and columnists Umer Farahi and Mumtaz Meer also presented their views.

Sarfraz Arzoo said: “We must also see the positive part of the modern system. There are many positives besides these unethical practices.” He asked the people to be positive and work constructively for better society.

Umer Farahi also demanded an alternative and solutions besides complaining for the betterment of the media and society as a whole.

Ali M Shamshi, presenting Memento to Alim Naqvi

Renowned activist Ali M Shamshi presided over the discussion. Praising Alim Naqvi, he said, “Alim Naqvi is a fearless journalist and he did not compromise on truth and presented his views without fear and favor.”

“Alim Naqvi will also be remembered for his honesty in Mumbai,” Shamshi concluded.