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Supporting Hazare because ‘it’s cool’


New Delhi : Among the hordes of youngsters thronging Ramlila Maidan to support Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption, there are some who visit the place just to click some pictures with friends and simply because it’s ‘cool’.

Donning the popular ‘I am Anna’ caps, tricoloured caps, bands and flags, such groups could be seen absorbed posing with friends, with Hazare’s dais in the background or with any individual or group in fancy dress or imitating some character.

“There is so much hype about Anna that my friends and I decided to come here. It’s cool to support something that would benefit our country,” said 17-year-old Ankush Bhatia.

However, when asked to reveal the three points of difference between the government and Team Anna’s version of the Lokpal bill, Bhatia could only manage a sheepish smile.

“I’ve no idea,” said Bhatia as he asked his female friend to pose with a man dressed as Hindu god Hanuman.

There were many more like Bhatia who in the guise of supporting Hazare are looking to have a good time with friends.

Just after Hazare’s speech concluded Wednesday afternoon, a Bollywood song was played on the loudspeakers and almost immediately many supporters started dancing.

So engrossed was one particular group of youngsters that they did not even realise that one of their tricolours had fallen on the ground as they stomped on it shouting ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ and clicked pictures.

“I’ll put them on my Facebook and Orkut account,” said 16-year-old Vikhyat Vermani who upon realising the disrespect caused to the national flag scuttled away with it.

With a carnival-like atmosphere at the ground since Friday, some youth under the false impression of patriotism have definitely found a new place to ‘hang out’.