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Egypt revolution will change Arab world, says Saudi researcher


London : A Saudi-born researcher and writer has spoken about the world-shattering implications of the uprising in Egypt, saying that it will change the whole of the Arab World.

“Egypt is the stone of the Arab World and if it is going to change, all countries around it are also going to change,” said Hamza al-Hassan.

In an interview with IRNA, Hassan expressed the importance of Egypt, being by far the biggest country of 80 million in the Arab World and drew parallels with the Islamic revolution in Iran and its heritage and historic civilisation.

He said it was “very likely” that the revolution in Egypt would succeed, that President Hosni Mubarak would be forced to leave and there would be a domino effect that was already starting to take place.

“There is no future for Mubarak, he is already finished. If he didn’t know it, he knows now.”

The London-based researcher also spoke about the political impacts of Egypt transition, saying that the West is “frightened that it will hurt Israel in the heart.”

‘They don’t care about the killings or democracy in Egypt, but are concerned about the peace agreement with Israel,” he told IRNA.

Hassan said that if the West cannot prevent Mubarak being ousted that it will trying to again “bring their own man in” to try to replace him.