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Norway killing suspect may get 21 years in jail

By IANS/RIA Novosti,

Oslo : The person suspected of carrying out terrorist attacks in Norway will be charged for terrorist activity, while the maximum prison sentence in Norway is 21 years, Norway police said Saturday.

Over ninety people have been killed in the two attacks since Friday.

Police have confirmed that arrested 32-year-old Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, was involved both in the explosion in Oslo, and in a shooting at a youth summer camp on Utoya Island.

Police did not link the tragedy to any international terrorist organisations but said the suspect was connected with right-wing extremism.

Norway’s national TV channel NRK said the police believed there were at least two gunmen disguised as policemen who attacked the camp.

“Young people with whom NRC reporters talked on Friday, night said there were two criminals, rather than one, as expected.”

During the interrogation Saturday Breivik, who is believed to belong to right-extremist groups in eastern Norway, confessed his crime and said it was he who organised the shooting spree from two different kinds of firing guns on the island, Dagbladet tabloid newspaper said.