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Germany revises adverse travel advisory for Kashmir


Srinagar : Germany has revised its adverse advisdory on travel to Kashmir following the recent visit of its ambassador to the valley.

The German embassy in New Delhi, in a press release which was emailed to journalists here, said following the visit of Ambassador Thomas Matussek to Kashmir in June and his interaction with journalists, the advisory for German nationals travelling to the region has been revised.

“The significant revision in the advisory regarding Kashmir gives an overview of the security situation in the valley and clarifies that the situation has now calmed down considerably and foreigners are generally not direct targets of clashes.”

“Regarding Jammu, the new advisory states that the region is basically stable, though the situation might change and travelers are advised to obtain information regarding the security situation prior to their visit.”

“For Ladakh, the earlier advisory’s reference to the 2010 floods and unsafe trek routes have been removed,” it said.

“The new advisory recommends trekkers to travel with trained local guides and to avoid border areas due to security considerations. It also advises tourists to acquire the requisite permissions required to visit Ladakh.”

During his visit, the German ambassador had interacted with a small group of local journalists, including of IANS, and gathered impressions about the ground situation in Kashmir which resulted in the revisions.