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Fathima Muzaffer removed from the Muslim League

By V.M. Khaleelur Rahman for TwoCircles.net,

It is learnt that Mrs. Fathima Muzaffer, Convenor, Women’s Wing, Tamil Nadu chapter of the Indain Union Muslim League (IUML), has been removed from the party for “working against the interest of the party”.

When the three constituencies the IUML got from the DMK alliance was reduced to two to accommodate the demand for 63 constituencies by the Congress, Mrs. Fathima Muzaffer convened a press conference and issued a statement pointing out the weakness of the party for accepting these two seats and fighting the forthcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly election on the DMK’s Rising Sun symbol. Only after this demand raised by her and some other Leaguers, three seats were restored to the IUML. This has resulted in the women’s wing convenor being removed from the party.

Mrs. Fathima Muzaffer is none other than the daughter of the late Muslim League leader Janab A.K.A. Abdul Samad saheb. She was very active in the party. She is a good speaker in English, Tamil and Urdu. Her removal has upset and disappointed the Muslims here in Tamil Nadu.

Now Mrs. Fathima Muzaffer has posed the questions whether it is anti party to fight and ask for a strong and courageous leadership of the party to bring back the glory enjoyed by the IUML during the time of leaders like Qaede Millat Mohammed Ismail saheb and Sirajul Millat Abdul Samad saheb instead of adopting an attitude of slavery and selecting new comers as party candidates in two constituencies – Habour and Nagappattinam.

She has further said that “if I have to be shaheed fighting for the dignity of IUML and against atrocity I am ready and most happy becoming a shaheed as our beloved Prophet Mohammed (sal-am) has said that the biggest jihad is to utter the truth in front of a tyrant and unjust ruler and alhamdulillah I have the peace of mind that Allah gave the courage to utter the truth, stand for peace and not be a munaafiq having double standard”.