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Halting of PFI program in Hyderabad condemned

By TCN News,

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based human right organization Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) strongly condemned Hyderabad Police for not allowing Popular Front of India (PFI) to hold inaugural meeting of its nationwide campaign for ‘Social Justice Conference’ on October 2 in Hyderabad.

Lateef Mohammad Khan, General Secretary of CLMC, alleged Hyderabad Police Commissioner, Mr. Abdul Khayum Khan, for showing biased attitude towards Muslims.

“On one hand, the training camps of Hindutva are on peak level all over the city. Weapons’ training is given and hatred literature, slogans and songs are prepared and taught. On the other hand PFI which is a socio-welfare organization, when it organized social justice programme, it was prevented. The function hall owners are scared and threatened. The hundreds of participants who had come from various districts to participate in the meeting were locked in the function hall. Para-military forces were deployed. The PFI chairman was also stopped to enter into the hall” Mr. Khan said.

“When our team entered the hall to attend the program, we were surprised to see that the hall was turned into a police camp. When we enquired with the police Inspectors of various police stations who were deployed there, they said that they are just following the instructions of higher authorities” he added.

He said that he contacted Police Commissioner. He replied that prohibitory orders were issued in the city therefore, any meeting cannot take place.

“The Commissioner of police should know that the prohibitory orders are for public places and not on the meetings that are to be held in the four walls. The fact is that Police commissioner is suppressing the Muslims just to please the political bosses” Mr. Khan alleged.