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We’re trying to protect India Gate, not restrict access: Delhi Police


New Delhi : Clarifying that there are no restrictions on public entry at India Gate, the Delhi Police Tuesday said they have only enhanced the security of the iconic monument.

“Reports are being published in certain sections of media which convey the impression that Delhi Police intends to impose restrictions on entry of public at India Gate. It is clarified that this is not true,” a Delhi Police statement said.

Concerned about the security of India Gate, which is a key recreational venue besides being a site for protests and candlelight vigils, Delhi Police said: “India Gate can be a potential terror target as it is an iconic monument. That is why security has been beefed up here.”

“We have also requested concerned agencies like the urban development ministry to improve the lighting arrangements in the entire area surrounding the monument. The lighting provided is not adequate and the entire area is poorly lit,” said Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat.

The police has also proposed additional parking space behind the water channels in the lawns on both sides of Rajpath to prevent disruption of traffic flow due to haphazard parking.

“There is no intention to prevent the public from enjoying the Central Vista lawns,” the statement clarified.

According to police, interrogation of the recently deported Abu Jundal, wanted in connection with the terror strike in Mumbai in November 2008, revealed that India Gate was on the terrorists’ hit list.