FIR against AMU Librarian, son for domestic violence, dowry

Updated June 15, 2015 with Husain family’s version of the story below

By TCN Staff Correspondent,

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New Delhi: In a development which is being seen as a bad name on the reputation of the Aligarh Muslim University, the librarian in charge of the AMU has been accused of torturing his daughter in law for dowry.

Jamia Nagar police station has registered an FIR against the librarian in charge Prof. Shabahat Husain and his son Moin Husain under the provisions of domestic violence Act and prohibition of dowry Act.

The charges against the father, son and other members of Husain’s family, are that they demanded dowry from the daughter in law, Heena Kausar and they tried to outrage her modesty and continued to physically torture her to the extent of compelling her to commit suicide.

Heena Kausar, a resident of Shaheen Bagh in Okhla, got married to Moin Husain, son of Prof. Husain, who works as Senior Sales Executive with Abbot Medical Optics Private Limited, Gurgaon on January 3, 2010 where her family was compelled to spend huge amount “beyond our permissible capacity to meet the ever growing demand of dowry” from the librarian in charge of AMU and his son.

In an FIR dated January 23, 2012, Kausar has alleged that immediately after her marriage, her husband Moin Husain started demanding all the more dowry from her and didn’t hesitate in getting physically violent with her.

“In January 2011, I had been told by all of them to bring cash of Rs 3 lacks. They had also demanded one luxury car and a flat from my parents,” reads her complaint to the Assistant Commissioner of Police New Delhi.

Later that year allegedly on the pretext of establishing businees Kausar’s in laws increased their demand from 3 lacks to 5 lakhs and when Kausar’s father was unable to meet demands from Husain family, they started to torture her in ways more than one, including causing her mental distress and trauma, using violence with her.

Kausar also alleged that on several occasions her in laws beat her up in the most merciless manner and tortured her by keeping her confined in a small room for several days without any means of survival.

According to the complaint attached with the FIR, in a “well planned conspiracy”, Husain family even tried to burn her alive, “On one occasion my mother in law, in connivance with my husband had even poured kerosene oil over me when I was sleeping inside my room.”

The FIR has been framed aginst the librarian in charge of the AMU and his son and other family members under sections 498 A/406 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code in what appears to be a case of extreme case of dowry and domestic violence.

Husain familly responds: (attachments are with TCN)

1. The Inquiry conducted by the Jamia Police Station, where the said FIR was lodged exonerated everybody named in FIR. The last two pages of the said Report are enclosed as Attachment I.I & I.II.

2. It was further reported that the bride had left the husband’s home in Delhi with mutual consent, as the marriage remained unconsumed for about a year, a fact that has been admitted in the FIR. A scanned copy of handwritten note of the bride dated 5-02 2010 says that “(she is) leaving the house on her own responsibility…and ….that she is breaking the relationship by mutual consent”, is enclosed herewith as Attachment II.

3. Thereafter, on the basis of the note, it was ensured through Fatwa, that the Divorce has already taken place. (Attachment III)

4. As a sequel to that Talaqnama was sent by the Groom after obtaining Fatwa along with two cheques of Mehar and Maintenance. (Attachment IV)

5. Scanned images of two news items dealing with the Judgments of Supreme/High Courts regarding the fate of unconsumed marriages and falsely implicating Kith and Kins of the groom are enclosed as Attachment V.

While the legal battle in at least three cases is still going on, Mr. Moin Husain is happily settled with his wife and son.