If Guj govt fails to give minority scholarships, Centre will intervene: New Minority Minister

By TCN News,

New Delhi: “If the Gujarat government failed to grant the minority scholarship provided by the central government, the government will directly come on the scene and will certainly enable the minority students to the facility,” said to the new minority minister K Rehman Khan today.

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He further added that Sonia Gandhi, particularly wants to see the implementation of the 15 point programme set out for the empowerment of the minorities so that “minorities particularly Muslims may fathom their race to development.”

Khan was talking to a five member delegation of the Jamia Urdu Aligarh. The delegation led by the OSD, Jamia Urdu, Farhat Ali Khan presented shawl and memento to the Minority Affairs.

Drawing the attention of the Minority Ministry, the OSD of the Jamia Urdu pointed out the indecision of the HRD Ministry in providing ‘equivalency to the courses of the Jamia Urdu Aligarh,’ which provide education to deprived section of the society. The delegation also submitted a memorandum demanding equivalency status to courses taught.

The minister has assured to take up the issue with the MHRD.

Jasim Mohammad, Director the Jamia Urdu highlighted that the UP government’s lax attitude towards implementation of the minority focussed schemes and demanded that the central government should evolve some mechanism to see their implementations.