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Islamic exhibition at National Dussehra Fair in Kota

By TCN News,

Kota (Rajasthan): An important attraction of the National Dussehra Fair of Kota this year is an Islamic exhibition, being organised in different language-based sections such as English, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic.

Islam Darshan Kota visitors

The Dussehra Fair began with traditional zeal after the ritual burning of Ravana on October 23.

Islam Darshan Kota entrance exhibition

This year, however, thousands of Islamic books and Multimedia products are on display on diverse issues related to Islam in several languages. The Holy Quran is available at least in 10 languages. The products are being sold at special discounted prices to both Muslims and non-Muslims visitors.

Islam Darshan Kota discount on books

A special desk for those people who want to know anything aboust Islam has also been set up. A Dawah kit consists of translated versions of Holy Quran, Islamic literature and folders introducing Islam is also freely distributing to non-Muslim visitors.

Islam Darshan Kota Quran various languages

The exhibition has been put up by the zonal unit of the Jamaat e Islami Hind. The exhibition which opens in evening will continue till 11 of this month.