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Report: Sadbhavna delegation to Faizabad and Ayodhya

By Ravi Nitesh,

Sadbhavna Delegation returned to Delhi after its two day visit in Ayodhya and Faizabad to spread the message of harmony. This 15 member delegation was jointly sent by Mission Bhartiyam, Yuva Koshish, AFDWOSE. Members of Asha Parivar also joined the delegation to support the cause. On local level Ayodhya Ki Awaaz was the organizer.

Sadbhavna Delegation is an initiative of organizations that includes members who are students, social workers and young professionals (engineers, documentary makers, journalists etc) who come together to form a group for harmony and visit on places where communal harmony is in danger. In past, Sadbhavna Delegation was also sent to Kosi Kalan.

On its first day, this Sadbhavna Delegation went to the Mirzapur, a village that is situated in Faizabad district and only 10 km from Ayodhya. This village is facing communal tension on the issue of temple and mosque. This tension resulted in high deployment of police. Situation of this place has become worse because of its location in high sensitive place.

Members of the delegation visited this village and distributed the pamphlets of harmony. They also sung the songs of communal harmony and peace and walked on roads of village and its surroundings.

This village has more than 100 houses with approx 4 to 5 family members per house. Therefore, this delegation covered approx 500 people directly in its action. Mai Tumko Vishwas Dun, Tum Mujhko Vishwas do’’ sung by the members Jitender, Hansraj, Sagar, Gyan , Luvkush & others was the song that spread in whole environment during these two days.

In the evening, delegation went to Shaheed Smarak of Faizabad where they organized a candle for harmony program to pay tribute to martyrs. They told that the struggle of our martyrs was towards the unity and harmony for our society and we must make it prevail. Many local activists also were there along with delegation. Local organizations Ayodhya Ki Awaaz and Awadh Peoples Forum also extended their support and joined the cause. Local Activists Jugal Kishore Shastree, Afaaq, Bhartee, Arun, Sanjay Mishra, Vinay, Mehmood and others were also available there.

On its second day, Sadbhavna Delegation met Bhavnath Das (National President- Samajwadi Saint Sabha and priest of Hanuman Garhee Ayodhya). Bhavnath Das ji welcomed the move and felicitated members of the delegation. Delegation requested him to extend his works towards communal harmony. They also recorded the message of the saint towards his holistic view about equality and importance of all religion.

Later on in second half of the day, a meeting of local activists and concerned citizens was organized at Saryu Kunj Ashram where many people came to meet with delegation and they all exchanged their views towards the working on harmony.

Role of Police & Administration:

Personals of police and intelligence started calling us before we reached Faizabad. They immediately reached the place where we were stayed first on arrival of Faizabad. Sub inspectors and inspector of local intelligence unit and police came to us to know the full plan of program for both days. When they met with members of this delegation and heard the whole purpose, they assured us to be in supportive role. On the way of our Mirzapur visit, police in charge of the area again stopped us by going inside village, however after 15 minute discussion of delegation members with the officer, they allowed us to visit the village but with the security of police. In evening again the intelligence officers were with us. Though they tried to provide us enough protection, we conveyed them our desire of not receiving any such protection as we were there for the people and we were working for the humanity rather than for any religion.

Members of Delegation:

Members of this delegation includes Ravi Nitesh, Gufran Khan, Shariq Naqvi, Shadab Bashar, Satish Kumar, Litil Kumar, K.M.Yadav, Shah Alam, Maaz Khan, Jitendra, Hansaraj, LuvKush, Saagar and Gyan Kumar.

Response of Local citizens:

Many local citizens appreciated this initiative, even the villagers who didn’t know how to read, showed their desire to read it. Some local students narrated the pamphlets for them. Some children followed the delegation and gave chorus in peace songs.

An old woman who shared her thoughts with delegation, told the only word to delegation ‘’Jeete raho bachchon’’ (live long my children)….. her eyes at the time unfolded many things and her silence told us a lot………….

[Photograph by: Gufran Khan & Shariq Naqvi]