BJP Minority Morcha leader for citizenship to Hindu migrants

    By Staff Reporter,

    Guwahati: BJP Minority Morcha Natioal Secretary Arshad Alam said that all the Hindu migrants from Bangladesh should be provided Indian citizenship on the grounds of humanity. Speaking on the issue of infiltration from the other side of the border to Assam and other states of the northeast, he said that it is a matter of concern if a Muslim comes across.

    “As Bangladesh is an Islamic country, the Hindu brothers might have faced some problems in performing their religious or cultural activities. So, keeping all these things in mind the Hindu migrants should be given Indian citizenship,” he said during a press conference.

    The BJP leader from Karandighi of West Bengal, however, expressed concern over the Muslim migrants. “In this regard, if a Muslim foreigner comes from Bangladesh, he should be questioned because his motive might be different and should be taken necessary action. As I believe a Muslim will never have any problem in that country,” the BJP leader who has educational qualification till a class VIII added.

    Regarding the Ram Mandir issue he said that anywhere in India a temple can be constructed without any obstruction.