Sir Syed Awareness Forum holds meeting over communal violence and waqf bills

    By TCN News,

    Aligarh: “If the UPA government does not pass the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill and Waqf Bill in the coming monsoon session of Parliament, it will be a great injustice to the minorities especially Muslims and UPA government especially Congress will have to bear severe consequences for this,” said Dr. Shakeel Samdani, President, Sir Syed Awareness Forum, (AMU) while presiding over its monthly meeting.

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    This is the last opportunity for the Congress to pass these two crucial bills and if it fails this time, it will not be spared for this, he added. He said that in the wake of Sachar Committee recommendations only scholarships have been released and some development work has been undertaken in some Muslims dominated districts, rest there is only hype about it and no sincere work has been done in this regard.

    He also said that the economic condition of Muslims hasn’t changed much and no serious effort has been made to raise their representation in the Parliament and State assemblies. The issue of reservation for Muslims has been sidelined. Moreover, the recommendations of Rangnath Mishra Commission has been kept at bay, the government has failed to submit the affidavit related to Article 341 in Supreme Court, which was ordered by the court in the beginning of 2011; this shows the indifferent attitude and apathy of the govt with regard to Muslim issues.

    L-R ML Obaid, Er. Pervez, Mr Abbasi and Dr. Shakeel Samdani

    Dr. Shakeel Samdani stressed that Congress should not take Muslims votes for granted and shouldn’t think that they will get Muslim votes by showing the fear of Modi. Muslims are having suitable options other than Congress in at least ten states constituting about 300 seats of Lok Sabha from U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir.

    Prof. M. Saud Alam Qasmi, Dean, Faculty of Theology, Aligarh Muslim University said that Congress should sincerely strive for the smooth passage of Communal Violence Bill, this will not only benefit the Muslims of India but will also strengthen communal harmony and solidarity in the country. If this Bill is not passed in this session of the Parliament then it will be treated as cheating to the Muslims and will also weaken the internal security of the country. Likewise, the Waqf Bill should also be passed by the Parliament in its true spirit, keeping in view the suggestions and amendments made by the responsible organisations, especially All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

    Maulana Obaid Iqbal Asim said that it seems that after nine years of continuous power, Congress is moving towards dictatorship and the testimony to the fact is that in spite of continuous and sincere efforts of Muslim Organisations and Milli leaders, Congress is not ready to solve the problems of Muslims seriously. And because of this, the Waqf Bill has been halted by the govt since a long time on one pretext or the other in spite serious efforts of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. He demanded that in the coming session of Parliament not only these two Bills should be passed but concrete steps should be undertaken to improve the living standard of Muslims.

    Secretary of the Forum, Mansoor Ilahi said that Sir Syed Awareness Forum is committed for the cause of Muslims and deprived sections of the society and under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Shakeel Samdani it will do maximum for the cause of Muslims and less deprived. He said that Muslim youth will not sit idle and will stand up under the banner of Sir Syed Awareness Forum to fight for the cause of the Muslims, downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.

    Mr. Naseem Shahid, President, Regional Urdu Teachers Association, Mr. Aslam Ansari, Vice President, Aligarh Udyog Vayapar Partinidhi Mandal, Er. Perver Ansari, Manager, Hidayat-E-Anwar Madarsa, Nizamuddin, President, Aligarh Madarsa Association, Najam Abbasi, Asst. Manager, Indian Bank, Shoeb Ali, Former Cabinet, AMUSU, Ziauddin Ahmad also spoke on this occasion.

    At last the meeting resolved and appealed to the Muslims of the country to pray for the success and prosperity of the community and country during the ‘Alvida Juma’ prayer and on Eid-ul-Fitr. Muslims were also advised that whosoever political leader comes for greeting should be appealed and pressurized to facilitate for passing of these two Bills in the monsoon Session only, otherwise they should be ready for dire electoral repercussions.

    The meeting was also attended by Faraz Ahmad, Dr. Mujeeb Ansari, Dr. Khalid Khan, Abdullah Samdani, Maazul Haq, Mrs. Rehnuma, Manager Madarsa Muskan, Ayesha Ansari, Syed Danish Iqbal, Mrs. Anjum, Juned Khan and others.