Silent march for road victims in Gurgaon

    By IANS,

    Gurgaon : To commemorate the memory of all those who lost their lives in road accidents, the Gurgaon Traffic Police Sunday organised a silent march from Z-chowk to Vyapar Kendra Sushant Lok, an official said.

    On the occasion of the World Remembrance Day for road accident victims, the march was also a reminder for all commuters to drive carefully and avoid accidents, said a senior police officer.

    Bharti Arora, Gurgaon’s joint commissioner of police (traffic), said on the occasion: “This is a good chance to remind all people who drive on Gurgaon roads to respect traffic rules and save lives.”

    All people present during the march, including the public, took an oath to follow traffic rules, never use mobiles while driving, nor drive under the influence of alcohol among other rules that will make the roads safer.

    Meanwhile, to drive home the theme of road safety, school children have recently participated in painting contests as part of the Road Safety Mega Festival.

    The paintings are being displayed with the message “If our children can understand this, why can’t we as adults”, a powerful message to those behind the wheels.