‘Youth will catalyse India’s political change’

    By IANS,

    New Delhi : The level of political awareness of Indian youth is much higher than among the adults and in the coming years they will be the biggest contributing factor to the political change in the country, a political scientist said here.

    Speaking at the launch of his book “Youth and Electoral Politics: An Emerging Engagement” at the India International Centre here Wednesday evening, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies director Sanjay Kumar said in the upcoming general elections the youth will be the catalyst behind the change in the country.

    The book, an outcome of the survey and analyses done by the professor and his research team, summarises how the mindset of the Indian youth has over the decades become more participatory towards politics and will be increasingly targeted as a “vote bank” by political parties.

    “Indian youth is participating actively to bring about change in the country, and in the coming time it will be this section of society that will be targeted by political parties as a vote bank,” Sanjay Kumar told IANS.

    He also said that factors such as nepotism, money power and muscle power kept the youth from active politics till now.

    When asked about the role of the Indian youth in the 2014 general elections, Sanjay Kumar said the result of these Lok Sabha polls will be highly influenced by the votes cast by the youth.

    “Even in the Delhi assembly elections, the emergence of the Aam Aadmi Party as the second largest party in the state was a result of the votes cast by the youth section seeking change in the regime,” he noted.

    The book also throws light on why the youth of the country are more likely to vote for a young candidate than an older candidate during the next elections.