Muslim organisations meet in Aligarh over agenda for last parliamentary session of UPA Govt

    By TCN News,

    Aligarh: Several Muslim organisations met at the headquarter of Sir Syed Awareness Forum in Aligarh to discuss the agenda for agenda for last parliamentary session of the UPA government before the 2014 general elections.

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    “The next session of the parliament will be the last session of Lok Sabah and that will be the last opportunity for UPA especially Congress Party to rectify some of its mistakes,” said the General Secretary and Spokesman of the United Muslim Organisation (UMO) Dr. Shakeel Samdani while presiding over the meeting.

    L-R: Dr. Jarrar, Ml. Obaid Iqbal Asim, Dr. Shakeel Samdani, Mr. Javed Akhtar and Mr. Pervez

    Discussing the agenda of next parliamentary session he said that if the Congress Party manages to pass the Communal Violence Bill and Wakf Eviction Bill then that will not only be beneficial for Dalits, Muslims and the weaker sections of the society but also for Congress.

    He said that if the parliament passes Women Bill relating to the reservation of seats in parliament and legislatures without a separate quota for minorities, SC, ST and backward classes then it will be considered as a conspiracy by Congress Party and BJP to further reduce the number of Muslims MPs in Lok Sabah and Vidhan Sabahs.

    He further said that all efforts should be made by secular forces to prevent fascist and communal forces to grab power at centre.

    Director, Finance, ACN Group of Institutions, S. Javed Akhtar said that the Muslims should vote that political party which is sincere for their educational and economic upliftment, and provide them security. Maulana Obaid Iqbal Asim, Secretary, UP Rabita Committee said that both the bills are very important for Muslims and that’s why the government should not leave any lacuna in the bill. It has been observed by the Muslims that generally defective legislations are passed by the parliament so that the problem remains alive.

    Rashid Usmani Advocate, Vice President, Income Tax Bar Association requested the Muslims Member of Parliament to work for millat and do something for public at large. At least for these two legislations they should not toe the party line and should put maximum pressure in the parliament. Dr. Jarrar Rizvi said that the BJP and Congress are trying their best to fail the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi and for that purpose they are using media to defame Kejriwal and his government. Former Court Member, Aligarh Muslim University, Pervez Ali Khan said that Congress never fulfils its promise and befools the Muslims. He said that in February 2013 Sonia Gandhi had promised to restore the minority character of Aligarh Muslim University and so far nothing has been done in this direction.

    AlHaj Aslam Ansari, Vice President, Aligarh Udyog Vyapar Prtinidhi Mandal said that United Muslim Organisation should start a nationwide agitation if these two bills are not passed by the parliament in the fourth coming session and expose congress. Najam Abbassi, while welcoming the statement of Rajnath Singh about article 370 said that if BJP delete its agenda regarding Babri Masjid, Uniform Civil Coda and hate campaign against Dalits and Muslims that will be beneficial for the party.

    At the end of the meeting, a resolution was passed regarding the implementation of Sachhar Committee recommendation, file affidavit in Supreme Court regarding Article 341 and giving tickets to the Muslims in proportion to their population by so called secular parties.