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Mahbubul Hoque urged AMU Alumni at Chicago to build institutes

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Guwahati: Mahbubul Hoque, an old boy of 2000 batch of Aligarh Muslim University who has emerged as a successful young entrepreneur in the field of Education by establishing schools, colleges and university urged upon the Aligarh Alumni living in different cities of USA, Canada and other countries to build educational institutions in India and carry forward the Aligarh movement.

Hoque made this appeal to Aligarh fraternity while delivering a talk on the topic ‘Role of Alumni in Institution building’ during the thirteenth convention of Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations (FAAA) at Chicago, USA from 20th to 22nd June 2014. He was invited there as a distinguished guest by the Federation.

Mahbubul Hoque urged AMU Alumni at Chicago to build institutes

Hoque said that it’s their responsibility to carry forward the Aligarh movement envisioned by Sir Syed Ahmed and repay their debt to their Alma mater and the country.

Elaborating on the topic Hoque said that Aligarh alumni living in USA, Canada and other countries are high achievers in life and have brought laurels to their field and workplaces. Now time has come for them to contribute to the cause of education back home and carry the Aligarh movement forward.

Hoque suggested that Aligarh alumni living in USA may convert their Indian homes which are lying unused most of the time into class rooms and open one class of nursery with students from neighbouring areas with one teacher and go on adding one class each year and in course of next few years it will be a full-fledged school contributing to the society in perpetuity even when they are no more ,the way Aligarh Muslim University is contributing to the development of the country even when the founders of AMU are no more.

They must recall that how Sir Syed had started Anglo Oriental College in a humble way and now it became one of largest university in the world. Though the Aligarh alumni NRIs, living in posh localities of USA are emotionally connected to their roots, their children are now American without much link with India, by setting up educational institutions at their birth place, they will also ensure a link of their children to their roots in India besides serving their community and fulfilling the expectations of their neighbours.

He also suggested that if they are not able to do it at least they can support the educational institutions in India set up by different entrepreneurs and become facilitator in building institutions.

The Chicago convention gave Hoque an opportunity to meet Aligarh alumni who have been working as distinguished scientists, professors and heads of department at different USA universities like Michigan State University , Harvard University, University of Houston, North East Ohio Medical University, Georgetown University Medical Centre, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science, Eastern Michigan University USA for long time.

At the convention Hoque also met the senior professors of the King Abdul Aziz University, King Fahad Medical Research Center and Umma-Al-Qura University, Makkah, from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Besides he met several presidents of companies, CEOs, Scientists working in R & D sectors, working professionals in IT industry and US based Indian Entrepreneurs. Mahbubul Hoque also attended the Alumni Home Coming Week organized at AMU Campus on February 25th this year.

While talking to media persons, Hoque expressed that AMU has failed to derive the maximum advantage from its well established alumni outside the country although they are contributing their expertise to those developed countries. There is lack of proper linkage with these alumni to focus on cutting edge research and guidance for the existing students and faculties of the University.

He appealed that AMU must set up a system for continuous effort to get associated with these alumni, to create database and give them a chance to disseminate their knowledge and expertise. By utilizing this benefit, there is no doubt that the University will leap towards one of the top world class Universities in the coming years.

It is here worth mentioned that Hoque was awarded with prestigious ‘Edupreneurs Awards’ by Engineering Watch, a leading educational magazine.


Mahbubul Hoque to speak on education entrepreneurship in Chicago in AMU alumni convention