Delhi based organisation to organize one day workshop on understanding Sufi literature and Qawwali

By Raqib Hameed Naik,,

New Delhi : A one day workshop on ‘Understanding Sufi Literature and Qawwali’ is being organised by Ektara and Enable India Foundation which is scheduled to be held on Sunday, January 31, 2016 in the National Capital Region.

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The workshop to be held in Noida will include informal lectures, poetry recitations, screening of audio/video clips as well as documentary films and actual singing sessions. The main presenters of the workshop will be Delhi based Madan Gopal Singh (singer, scholar), Yousuf Saeed (filmmaker, author) and Dhruv Sangari (singer).

“While listening to Sufi music and qawwali becomes more and more trendy, there are debates on what the true Sufi music is. Is it some meditative chanting that provides peace and tranquillity to an individual in today’s stressful urban life? Is it supposed to involve a lot of rhythm and high octave vocals using the names of god or Ali, as often exhibited by contemporary Indian cinema or pop music groups? Or is there something more to Sufi music and literature than mere self-indulgence? Does it have a social relevance in today’s life? Could it help us connect to our pluralistic past? Or could it help us learn ways to coexist in today’s multicultural society? These are some of the questions that we hope to address in an intensive short workshop,” says the objective of the event which is jointly organized by two organizations.

The workshop is open for anyone interested in learning to appreciate Sufi poetry, music and Qawwali better against the payment of Registration fee of Rs 2000 per person. Anyone with an interest in music, literature and cultural history can enroll in this workshop.

After the workshop, the participants will attend a heritage walk at the basti Nizamuddin, New Delhi, on12th February 2016 where they will visit smaller monuments like Urs Mahal, Chausath khamba and Ghalib’s grave before entering the dargah.

Importantly, Ektara which is organizing the event is a group of media and arts professionals based in Delhi, who are involved in many activities of culture, arts, research and peacemaking. while the organis ing partner Enable India Foundation is a communication praxis` which specializes in developmental communication ‎across genres and media.

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