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No entry for North Delhi mayor at Kejriwal’s house

New Delhi : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal refused to let North Delhi’s mayor enter his house when he arrived there with a team of mosquito-breeding checkers, as part of the dengue-prevention drive, an NDMC statement said on Sunday.

Moreover, larvae were found in Kejriwal’s neighbourhood for which legal notice was issued.

According to North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), North Delhi’s Mayor Ravinder Gupta visited the chief minister’s residence in Civil Lines, which falls within the jurisdiction of NDMC, for dengue-prevention drive but Kejriwal refused to see him and did not allow him to enter his house.

It was followed by dengue-prevention check at his next door neighbour’s residence, where larvae were found and for that legal notice was issued to that property, an NDMC statement said.

“We are appealing to the citizens to allow access to domestic breeding checkers as it is in their interest but if chief minister is not allowing the mayor who came along with the prevention team for the drive, then what can be expected from others,” Mayor Gupta said.

“It was thought to make an appeal to him to join the drive against dengue but when he did not allow even the mayor what would be his behaviour with common man,” he added.

The mayor also launched the drive from Pusa Agricultural Research Institute. It was part of the measure to restrict the number of dengue patients in the national capital through large-scale preventive measures.